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LE Remote monitoring LOD with Ethernet-Module

LE Remote monitoring LOD with Ethernet-Module
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A new innovation, Leak detector-Online-Diagnostics LOD technology is able to establish a secure and continuous remote monitoring of leak detectors. All leak detector operating conditions and data can be collected and transmitted autonomously via Ethernet or cellular mobile technology to the LOD server and analysed every 24 hours.
As a result, the operation of the leak detector is subject to continuous online examination.

Notice of alarm mode activation is immediately transmitted to the LOD system and automatic notification is given to registered addressees via email or text message.

No more problems with:

    Late identification of alarms,
    Unreported alarms and
    Local manipulation of the annunciator are no longer a problem.

Monitoring of all LOD leak detectors will be guaranteed safer, this particularly applies to remote or difficult to access installations, unmanned petrol stations and emergency power supplies.

The features of the leak detector are controlled by the LOD system which also transmits the current pressure in the monitoring system and the leak tightness value of the entire system.

This ensures the security of alarm forwarding and the necessary response to an unprecedented degree!

The installation of a LOD-Ethernet-data-transfer-module is approved for the following leak detectors:
VL 34, VL 34 S, VL 34 E,VL 230, VL 230 S, VL 330, VL 330 S, VL 330 E, VL 570, VLR 410 E*, VLR 500 E, VLR 570 E, VLXE .. M, DL 100, DL 290, DL 330, DL 330 FC**, DL 330 ELC FC, DL 450, DLR-P 1.1, DLR-P 1.1 M, DLR-G 1-7 M, DLR-G 10-18 M, DLR-GS 1, DLR-GS 2, DLR-GS 3, DLR-GS 4, DLR-GS 4 M, DLR-GS 6, DLR-GS 6 M, DLR-GS 8, DLR-GS 10, DLR-GS 13, DLR-GS 16,

*only standard design and without "M" function
** DL 330 FC without relais contact for FC-function

LOD is not yet available for:

    leak detectors with circuit board for different power supply than 230 V
    leak detectors within steel cabinets (P versions)
    leak detectors with FA + FAS options

Temperature range: 0 - 40 °C

The acquisition of an LOD-Ethernet-data-transfer-module covers the consideration of LOD-Services for the first 5 years. SGB reserves the right to charge fees for the use of LOD service by means of an Ethernet data transfer module after expiration of the first 5 years.

The provision of a LAN link between the Ethernet data transfer module and a router which is connected with the internet is necessary.

For the use of the Leak detector-Online-Diagnostics (LOD) only the points listed in our General Terms and Conditions under section 6 apply!
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