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Dry filters

Advantages of SGB’s chambered dry filters:

Increased effectiveness through improved air circulation
The rectangular shape and subdivision of the dry filters into four chambers provides an improved air flow and air-drying in the dry filter. The penetration of humid air before consumption of the filter is prevented by the longer way the air must take. The dry pearls are used optimally by this form.

More practical by clearer indication of the consumption
It is now even easier and clearer to see when you need to exchange the dry pearls. The dry pearls change colour from orange towards white or green. If the colour change is in the range of the first to the third chamber, no exchange of pearls is necessary. Has the colour change arrived in the fourth chamber the dry pearls must be renewed.

New feed hopper
With the practical new hopper filling of the dry filter is easy. Go for the one-way version of sturdy cardboard which is directly supplied of the dry pearls and easy to fold.

Higher efficiency by lower consumption
The dry filters need significantly less dry pearls. Due to the improved air circulation the dry filters are as durable as the predecessors.

Sturdy design for outdoor installation
The dry filters are made of UV-resistant plastic. The support bracket is made of stainless steel.

Wall mounting option and first filling of dry pearls included
All models include the wall mounting options or the wall brackets. Also, the first filling of dry pearls is included.

User-optimised dry material
Dry pearls are not always used directly. To allow longer storage times and to ensure the highest possible dryness of the material the refill dry pearls are now supplied in permation-proof aluminum bottles.

Flexible and individual use by different sizes of dry filters
The chambered dry filters are available in four sizes: TF 200, TF 400, TF 600 and TF 1200. Through standard hose connections and the unity of form all dry filters can be combined individually.

Hints for no longer produced dry filters TF 1, TF 2 and TF 6
Filling capacity TF 1: 330 grams (1 pc. of article 340216)
Filling capacity TF 2: 900 grams (1 pc.of article 340272)
Filling capacity TF 6: 1900 grams (5 pcs. of article 340216)
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  • Articles 1 - 14 of 14