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Leak detectors for pipes / hoses

Leak detectors for pipes / hoses
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SGB leak detectors realize the highest environmental protection according to EN 13160 (class I) for double-walled pipes:

• Both the inner and the outer wall are monitored 100 % continuously and reliably for leaks.
• A loss of the conveyed product is excluded due to the pneumatic monitoring principle.

Our wide range of products offers the technically safe and at the same time most reasonable solution for your application.

Pressure leak detectors (DLR-G, DLR-GS, DLR-P, DLR-P .. CV)
are perfect for the monitoring of liquids which can generate explosive vapor-air mixtures or have chemically aggressive characteristics (e.g. petrol, kerosene, acids, lye). The condition is an adequately pressure-resistant interstitial space.

Vacuum leak detectors (VLR)
are low-maintenance and particularly suitable for the monitoring of heating oil and diesel or similar liquids. Explosive vapor-air mixtures must be excluded! In a durable version, they are suitable for many chemicals.

Ex vacuum leak detectors (VLX)
have technically different, approved explosion protection measures. Leak detectors VLX in different resistant designs can be used for the storing of liquids which can generate explosive vapor-air mixtures or have chemically aggressive characteristics. If the interstitial space is not suitabel for overpressure monitoring, VLX vacuum leak detectors are the perfect solution.