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Vacuum leak detector for the monitoring of a maximum of 16 tanks or pipes in a free-standing housing for outdoor installation.

The standard version is equipped with a green operating signal lamp, a red alarm signal lamp, an acoustic signal and its' acknowledgment button at the front panel as well as acknowledgment buttons for every interstitial space inside the housing (operation, alarm, pressure, pump run).


VLXE-SAB T34 for tanks with a suction line to the low point of the interstitial space

VLXE-SAB T330 for tanks with up to 3 meters diameter

VLXE-SAB P410 for filling and vapor recovery lines

VLXE-SAB P500 for suction lines

and the combined solutions

VLXE-SAB T34 / T80 for tanks with compartments and combined storage of diesel and petrol

VLXE-SAB T34 / P410

VLXE-SAB T34 / P500

VLXE-SAB T330 / P410

VLXE-SAB T330 / P500

Optional Equipment:


Tanks / Pipes:

  • Tanks with a maximum internal overlay pressure of 500 mbar
  • Pipes with a maximum feed pressure in the inner pipe of 3.5 bar

Stored / conveyed products:

Water-polluting liquids. The (possible) explosive vapor-air mixtures (also such ones that can arise through the stored/conveyed liquids in contact with air, humidity, condensation or the materials used) must be classifiable into gas group II A to II B as well as in the temperature code T1 to T4. Examples: petrol, diesel, AdBlue.


Outside the Ex area or in areas in which an Ex-zone does not exceed a height of 1 meter

Housing / temperature range:

st-box: steel box painted / unheated: -20 °C .. +60 °C, heated: -40 °C .. +60 °C

ss-box: stainless steel box / unheated: -20 °C .. +60 °C, heated: -40 °C .. +60 °C

Pneumatic connections:

QU8/6: quick union for polyamide (PA) hose 8/6x1mm.

(can be changed to CF8/6: compression ferrule for copper (CU) pipe 8/6x1mm by odering for each outlet article no. 425207-M)

The requirements of the respective documentation must be observed!