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LS 816

LS 816
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Class III leakage detection system / leak detection system for detecting occurring liquids.
The leak indicating unit has 8 probe connections. By installing an expansion board, the number can be increased to 16.

Depending on the design of the probe suitable for monitoring shafts or double-walled pipes.

LS 816

Collecting chambers, monitoring chambers and shafts

Liquids with a density higher than 0,7 g/cm3 that do not affect stainless steel.
The (possible) explosive vapor-air mixtures must be classifiable into gas group II A to IIC as well as in the temperature code T1 to T4.

Leak indicating unit: outside of Ex areas
Sensor (stainless steel float switch): zone 1

Leak indicating unit: plastic box (pl-box) / IP 30

Leak indicating unit: -0 °C .. +40 °C
Sensor: -25 °C .. +60 °C

The requirements of the respective documentation must be observed!
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