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VLX .. A-Ex

VLX .. A-Ex
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Ex vacuum leak detector in a two-part version: The leak detector (working unit) is explosion-proof and can be installed in Ex zone 1. The leak indicating unit LAE (for 1 up to 8 leak detectors) is installed outside an Ex area.

VLX 34 A-Ex for tanks with a suction line to the low point of the interstitial space
VLX 330 A-Ex for horizontal tanks with up to 3 meters diameter and without a suction line to the low point of the interstitial space as well as for flat bottom tanks
VLX 330 A-Ex (H) for e.g. flat bottom tanks
VLX 330 A-MV-Ex for pressure tanks

  • Single-walled tanks with a leak protection lining or jacket
  • Double-walled horizontal and vertical tanks
  • Double-walled bottoms of flat bottom tanks

Water-polluting liquids. The (possible) explosive vapor-air mixtures (also such ones that can arise through the stored/conveyed liquids in contact with air, humidity, condensation or the materials used) must be classifiable into gas group II A to II B3 as well as in the temperature code T1 to T3 (T4 on request). Example: petrol.

Leak detector (device category 2): zone 1, preferably outdoors
Leak indicating unit: outside of Ex areas, inside a building

Weatherproof steel box, optional in a stainless steel box

VLX 34 A-Ex: -20 °C .. +60 °C
VLX 330 A-Ex: -20 °C .. +60 °C
VLX 330 A-Ex (H): -30 °C .. +60 °C
VLX 330 A-MV-Ex: -20 °C .. +60 °C
Leak indicating unit LAE: -0 °C .. +60 °C
Leak indicating unit LAE 3-8: -0 °C .. +60 °C

VLX .. A-Ex and VLX .. A-Ex (H): 10 bar
VLX 330 A-MV-Ex: 25 bar

CF8/6: compression ferrule for copper (CU) pipe 8/6x1mm or polyamide (PA) hose 8/6x1mm !with plastic pipes reflect required pressure resistance!
ss-CF8/6: stainless steel compression ferrule for stainless steel (ss) pipe 8/6x1mm or polyamide (PA) hose 8/6x1mm

The requirements of the respective documentation must be observed!