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Installation pumps

Depending on the volume of the interstice the pump of the leak detector may need many hours to establish the operating pressures in a leak detection system.
Therefore the use of an installation pumps is extremly useful to establish initially the operating pressure or vacuum quite fast to finalize the starting up or the function control of a leak detection system within an acceptable short time.

Vacuum-Pump VP218
With extra high vacuum volume flow very useful for producing vacuum on interstitial spaces absolutely necessary on larger tanks, double bottoms of flat bottom tanks or tanks with flexible linings.
Not explosion protected. Max. underpressure 850 mbar, weight 17 kg

Pressure-Vacuum-Pump ÜVP218
Overpressure and vacuum pump with high performance. Useful accessories as valves,manometers, liquid stop valves realise comfortable operation.
Not explosion protected. Max. underpressure 850 mbar, max overpressure 8 bar, weight 18 kg

Ex-Vacuum-Pump N026
Explosion proof vacuum pump for evacuating interstitial spaces in which explosive vapours may occur
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  • Articles 1 - 3 of 3