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Leak detectors for tank farms / refineries

Leak detectors for tank farms / refineries
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All tank designs as well as all pipes in a tank farm can be monitored with the appropiate leak detector.
For optimal quality and durability, we offer versions of the wetted parts in stainless steel or brass as well as special solutions for heated or pressure tanks.

For double-walled bottoms of flat bottom tanks:
VL 255 P
VLX 330 A-Ex oder VLX 330 A-Ex (H)
VLX 330 Ex

For double-walled pipes:
DLR-G .. M nitrogen based, re-filling is from a stationary connected nitrogen bottle
DLR-GS .. M nitrogen based, static, without connected nitrogen bottle
DLR-P .. leak detection medium is dried air
VLR 410 E
VLX .. A-Ex

For vertical cylindrical tanks in accordance with DIN 6618/2 or similar:
VL 330

For horizontal cylindrical tanks in accordance with DIN 6608/6616 or EN 12285:
VL 330
DL 330
DL 450

Vacuum leak detector – double-bottom of a flat bottom tank
Vacuum leak detector – horizontal cylindrical tank
Pressure leak detector – underground double-walled pipe (monitored with nitrogen)
Vacuum leak detector – vertical cylindrical tank
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