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LOD remote monitoring

The installation of a DTM is approved for the following leak detectors:
VL 34, VL 34 S, VL 34/E,VL 230, VL 230 S, VL 330, VL 330 S, VL 330/E, VL 570, VLR 410/E*, VLR 500/E, VLR 570/E, DL 100, DL 290, DL 330, DL 330 FC**, DL 330 ELC FC, DL 450, DLR-P 1.1, DLR-P 1.1 M, DLR-G 1-7 M, DLR-G 10-18 M, DLR-GS 1, DLR-GS 2, DLR-GS 3, DLR-GS 4, DLR-GS 4 M, DLR-GS 6, DLR-GS 6 M, DLR-GS 8, DLR-GS 10, DLR-GS 13, DLR-GS 16,
*only standard design. and without "M" function
** DL 330 FC without relais contact for FC-function
LOD is not available yet for:
  • leak detectors with circuit board for different power supply than 230 V
  • leak detectors within steel cabinets (P versions)
  • leak detectors with FA + FAS option

Temperature range: 0 - 40 °C

The acquisition of an Ethernet data transfer module covers the consideration of LOD-Services for the first 5 years. SGB reserves the right to charge fees for the use of LOD-Service by means of an Ethernet data transfer module after expiration of the first 5 years.

The provision of a LAN-link between the Ethernet data transfer module and a router which is connected with the internet (“Router”) is necessary.

For using the Leak detector - Online - Diagnostics (LOD) the points described in our General Terms and Conditions (section 6) shall apply exclusively.
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